New sheet music: Le Petit Joueur de Flûteau

I've transcribed a new french song in ABC notation: Le Petit Joueur de Flûteau, by George Brassens. The song was written in 1967, in answer to those who wanted him to present himself for a seat at the Academie Francaise (which he refused to do).

The transcription was made based on other sheet music, and on listening to the song. Existing sheet music I have looked at had the same mistakes in common:

I assume these versions are based from the same original. It's very possible George Brassens wrote the song this way - and sang it slightly differently. I've tried to notate the way it was sung.

Also worth pointing out my version has a time signature change in it, for one bar (from 6/8 to 2/8). The versions I've seen used a Femura and a Cesura, allowing for more than six eight notes in a bar. Transcribing it with the time signature change matches exactly the way it is sung, so it works well that way (and easier to generate correct midi files!)

My ear's not good enough to pick up chords though - so for the chords I've kept to what I've seen in other sheet music.