Music recommendation: Anna B Savage

I recently discovered Anna B Savage on a NPR Tiny Desk video.

What really caught me first is her voice and singing style which is quite special, raw and full of emotions. It's powerfull, varied, surprising - and it's not trying to be "pretty". While her music falls more in the "singer-songwriter" umbrella, In the NPR video, dressed all in black with boots, with her voice she could as well be in a punk band.

The lyrics are equally raw and emotional, funny and personal. Here is a quote from "Since we broke up":

I hope I never fall in love again
I want to live alone
But I can't afford the rent

And here from "Chelsea Hotel No3":

He was giving me head
On my my unmade bed
So I tried to stay focused
But with Chelsea Hotel No2 playing in the other room
I giggled my mind runs away